With all of the options available on the rolling paper market today, why choose Greengo?
The reasons are quite simple really.

Greengo isn’t just another rolling paper. We’re about providing a top quality product for the best possible rolling and smoking experience. Our papers are thin, yet strong, with all natural arabic gum that really sticks for an easy roll. They burn slowly and evenly with little to no taste for a great smoke. Greengo uses unbleached wood pulp because we feel it is the best possible material for rolling papers. Hemp may be a revolutionary, highly efficient, even miraculous fibre crop”, however we find that hemp rolling papers can be slippery, therefore more difficult to roll and have a distinct smell and taste when smoked. Utilizing FSC certified wood pulp is of the utmost importance to us and if you aren’t yet aware of what this means we encourage you to educate yourself about the Forest Stewardship Council and what they stand for. Forests are vital to the planet so we should do whatever we can to protect them. Greengo papers are completely natural, no added flavours or chemicals so all you can taste are the herbs you choose to smoke. So whether you’re smoking for recreational, medicinal or spiritual reasons Greengo products are less harmful for you and the environment. We hope you enjoy them. For more information on Greengo products in multiple languages you may visit www.greengo-products.com

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Web Shop Customer Orders:
We only accept orders from and ship to customers in Canada. You must be of legal smoking age in your province to place an order. Customer orders must be a minimum of $50 to waive shipping fees. A $15 flat rate shipping fee will be applied to any order under $50. Orders will be processed and shipped via Canada Post the following business day and you will be contacted by e-mail with a tracking number.