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Go Green With Greengo

Greengo offers you more natural and less harmful products in the world of smoking.

All Greengo Rolling Papers are produced with 100% Unbleached, chlorine free FSC certified paper and have the ideal thickness of 14 gr/m². All papers are gummed with all natural Arabic Gum, the hardened sap of the Acacia tree. Thin and naturally slow burning. Practically odorless and flavorless so all you can taste are the herbs you’re smoking. Our Unbleached Filter Tips are made from 100% recycled unbleached paper and have a thickness of 140 gr/m². All Greengo packaging is made from 200 gr/m² recycled paper and printed with organic ink.

Greengo Eco Grinders and Eco Rolling Trays are being made from recycled plastic. The most unique feature of these products is that the plastic once was used for packaging cannabis sold in Dutch coffee shops. These containers are returned by means of a deposit system and the base material is used to make grinders and trays. Not only is this very cool, it is also better for the environment! We call this upcycling!

Recycling plastic containers for our grinders and trays is just the first step in addressing the plastic waste issue in the cannabis industry however it doesn’t solve the root of the problem.

Greengo now produces pre-roll packaging tubes, rolling trays and grinders from Hemplyne, a biodegradable hemp fibre based “bio-plastic”. Stronger and more rigid than conventional plastic, it will last indefinitely unless it comes in contact with air, water and microorganisms in which case it will disintegrate in less than 2 years. It composts completely organic and this is tested and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

The Greengo tobacco substitute is made from 4 natural ingredients. The Greengo blend contains Eucalyptus, Mint, Papaya and Hazel leaf. There is nothing added to this product. No nicotine and no chemicals!


Greengo Rolling papers and filter tips were the winner of Soft Secrets 2011 European product award. These top quality rolling papers are the best selling papers in the Netherlands.


All of our rolling papers are proudly produced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. This means that the wood used to make the paper is sourced from forests that are evaluated and regularly inspected to meet FSC’s standards to ensure responsible and sustainable forestry practices. The fibre from this wood is tracked at every step through a chain of custody system all the way to the consumer.


All of our packaging and filter tips are made from 100% recycled paper. Our Eco Grinders and Rolling Trays are made in the Netherlands from recycled plastic containers that once contained cannabis sold in Dutch coffee shops.


All of our rolling papers and tips are totally unbleached. Chlorine is a harmful chemical so we shouldn’t be smoking it! ‘Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke.